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Halloween Costumes to Inflict Upon the Innocent

A big part of the fun on Halloween is to dress your children in costumes you would never wear yourself. Sooner or later, they will rebel and let you know in no uncertain terms that they will not be seen in public in your fantasy getup. Even if they aren't embarrassed, there may be vision or mobility...
  • Jillian Letkiewicz

    Baby Lobster Costume idea !!!!!!!!! So cute

  • Stephanie George

    If i ever have kids I am so doing this for the first halloween while they will still fit in a pot! Too cute!!

  • Jennifer Rooney

    Lobster in a pot baby costume - yep totally doing this when we have a kid

  • Caitlin Ann

    Lobster in a pot! Cutest baby halloween costume idea ever!

  • Tia Jackson

    Baby Halloween Costume Ideas | of funny baby Halloween costume ideas to get your baby costume ideas ...

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I swear every time I come across this picture I pin it. It's just so darn cute!

One or two rolls of 6" wide tulle, no-roll elastic 1” shorter than kid’s waist, sewn together to make circle. Measure from waist to length you want tutu and double. (if 15”, cut 30” strips) Slip elastic above your knee & slip each strip of tulle under elastic to center of tulle strip & tie double knot. Continue until it’s as fluffy and full as you like.

Scarecrow Costume. Surely I can find someone that will want one of these. I would LOVE to make one!!! :)

My Norwegian grandmother made me a costume for my doll just like this cute girl is wearing.

"All you need for a refreshingly sweet snow cone baby costume is a rainbow wig and blanket sewed to look like a cone." @ Katie Nielsen Halloween idea for next year :D

Cindy Lou who! Pinned for Emily Schoenfeld Schoenfeld Waechter and the day when we eventually dress up all our kids like suess characters for halloween.