Cute cat/dog pic for a Friday :)


Kitty love <3

more than adorable.. - #animals #cats #funny #fun

so adorable

dog and cat wrestling

Pittie Stupids?: I know the stereo type is their vicious and rude.....WRONG!!!Pitbulls are mean because people abuse them and their only mean in that case because they've lost trust in us!!

so cute :) :)

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Oh my goodness!!!!

What a cutie!

This is my baby human. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


Comfortable Bed


They are called a ragdoll cat because when you pick them up they flop right in your hands like a ragdoll. I NEED A FLOPPY KITTY

Every cat should own a dog

Got this from a "chain" email, so not sure of the original source. There were many dog/cat pics in the email, but this one struck me as particularly sweet with the old lab. =)

oh alright!, but just this once!