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Funny pictures about Apple Globe. Oh, and cool pics about Apple Globe. Also, Apple Globe photos.

Carved crayons.

Attribution for these astonishing works has been lost in the compilation process. First, international currency symbols by Diem Chau. Second, crayons carved into the 12 symbols of the Chinese zodiac, also by Diem Chau.

Old map in an old window. LOVE.

I love maps! Old maps and rustic window frame.i got an old leaded glass kitchen cabinet door from our last house.I totally want to do this to it! Will a trunk and wall art be too much map in one room?

You Mom says you can't have a dog so she creates food art dogs. When she walks out of the room to take a call, the broccoli dog comes to life. What do you do?

Animal fun food: Broccoli and Cauliflower dogs! Get them to eat their veggies by making them fun!

carudamon119:  ステキデザイン™‏@sutekicom 世界を自由に描ける地球儀の形をしたチョークボード Chalk board in the shape of a globe that draw freely the world

chalkboard globes - create your own world. Great teaching tool and u can draw only one continent/country to focus on for a while and list details about it on other parts of the globe. Good for the out of date globes too.

slide background | map | bicycle | color | dark | ram2013

I've got many pins in DIY ARTWORK for repurposing old maps. What a great idea. Pick the image that you like best, stencil or trace it on the piece of paper and cover the map. For example, the Eiffel Tower traced over a map of Paris!

The Cottage Market: Down the Rabbit Hole...Saturday Fun Finds!

Down the Rabbit Hole...Saturday Fun Finds

30 GLORIEUSES E.U.  Erwin Blumenfeld, travail pour Brodovitch

Erwin Blumenfeld

Take a look at this amazing Two Face Optical Illusion illusion. Browse and enjoy our huge collection of optical illusions and mind bending images and videos.

turtle bread! My mom made this when I was little, but it wasn't this advanced.

Funny pictures about Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread. Oh, and cool pics about Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread. Also, Oddly Satisfying Turtle Bread photos.

World Map Turned Into Animal Shapes | Kentaro Nagai #Art #Projections

World Map Turned Into Animal Shapes

Animal world maps - "Twelve Animals" is a creative project of Kentaro Nagai

advanced pineapple tree - Google Search

Pineapple Tree Centerpiece with Fruit Monkeys. Click ★ LIKE ★ if this will make a great centerpiece for your next party . or if you just love the monkeys!

Pineapple Samsung Galaxy S5 Wallpaper.jpg (1080×1920)

Crazy funny for your luau centerpiece. Set it next to your chocolate fountain and serve fresh pineapple chunks for dipping!