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Kem Bryan
Kem Bryan • 2 years ago

Echinacea is often put in combinations with other herbs. It is an excellent infection fighter and is used as a powerful natural antibiotic. Especially good in glandular infections and problems. A good cleanser for glands and the lymphatic system. One of the best herbs for helping enlargements and weakness of the prostrate gland. Used in ear aches, strep throat, and lymph glands. Effective blood purifier. Used for blood poisoning and poisonous spider and snake bites.

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Herbal Antibiotics - We've tried honey on a staph infection and it works!!! Some of the most effective plants/herbs are probably growing outside of your front door.

Wild Quinine: It has traditionally been used in alternative medicine to treat debility, fatigue, respiratory infection, gastrointestinal infection, and venereal disease. Wild Quinine is currently being used by herbalists throughout the United States and Europe for diseases such as lymphatic congestion, colds, ear infections, sore throats, fevers, infections, and Epstein barr virus.

Top Antibacterial Herbs and Food for Preventing Infection

This herb works wonderfully for colds and flu. Drinking a tea made from echinacea can greatly reduce the severity and duration of these two illnesses. It’s also widely used for treating upper respiratory tract infections and sore throat. It’s also an effective anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antibiotic and detoxifier.

Herbal Mixes: ImLife Tincture.......... Contains: Olive leaf, Burdock root, Echinacea root, Pau D'Arco bark, Dandelion root, Nettle leaf, Red Clover tops, Cat's Claw bark, Butcher's Broom root................. ImLife is a combination of nine different herbs containing natural antibiotic properties to help boost the immune system and fight infections.

Parsley - great for cleansing & detoxing, purifies the liver, blood & kidney's, helps clear up fungal infections & UTI's

Alfalfa Herb - cut, organic....good for arthritis!

Burdock Root - Cut, Organic...A strong blood purifier and cleanser, burdock root has been used to neutralize and eliminate toxins in the system. Best when used in combination with other herbs since it can start the body cleansing too rapidly if used by itself. If used by itself, start with small amounts.

Though the Wormwood herb root is rarely used for medicine, it is extremely powerful, especially for hot, sore infections of the throat and lungs. Wormwood herb numbs pain from infection in the throat and bronchial tubes and is exceptionally cooling to the throat and lungs. It is also highly antibacterial, being exceptionally effective topically. The leaf of above-ground plant is generally used for malaria, for intestinal worms, as a liver and digestive tonic, and for colds and flu.

Pain relief oil (24 herbs) Ideal for: • Immediate relief in skeletal pains • Immediate relief to muscular aches and pain • Excellent for chronic problems in the waist,...

Onions are good for reducing cholesterol & preventing blood clots, as well as helping treat bronchitis, asthma, rheumatism, gout and for lowering blood sugar because of its powerful diuretic and antibacterial powers. #dherbs #healthtips