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Vintage strong woman

Harp Aerial Act - Circus


vintage circus


Circus....aka family. :)

Vintage circus performers pinocchio's less famous and fortunate circus brothers they just couldn't handle how to move without their strings

Vintage Circus


Pier Angeli Photo by George Silk, 1952 - vintage circus // Une petite échelle (ou plein d'échelles) //


Vintage Circus. Street and Mary. Postcard. Performers.


Circus Lady by Raymond M. Stagg c.1920

No date of other information is given for this intriguing vintage image of a solemn faced young lion tamer and his band of wild feline performers - which just ads to its captivating powers, if you ask me. #circus #performer #vintage #retro #entertainment #lion_tamer #lions #animals

Circus Performer

lovely, strong dancer

The first ride around the ring had been the hardest, everything else had been downhill after that. In the end, she had simply regretted how easy it had been to have joined the circus. Perhaps she should have followed her mother's advice and become an accountant.