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Sprout Lid - Seed Sprouting Use this lid,and an ordinary wide mouth canning jar . Soak beans 1 day. then put in a room away from sunlight . Rinse every day. In a few days -healthy beans sprouts

Sprouting seeds in a jar and it's easy to drain with this lid! Grow it to feed your livestock:) Original Cuppow Wide - Drinking Lid for Wide Mouth Canning Jar!: Kitchen & Dining

Tweet Many outdoor landscapes depend upon indoor growing to provide them with colorful blooms and foliage during the dreary winter months. And isn’t it disappointing when plants lose their leaves, grow leggy and refuse to flower? The main reason for […]

All-in-1 Sprouts Seed Bank

Grow Sprouts in Your Kitchen! | Can also make your own using a mason jar, cheese cloth, a little water and seeds from the health food store. Eat your sprouts in 5 days. Super easy. Here's how: