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    • Sasha

      Adele. What an inspiring quote. What a beautiful girl, and such an inspiration to those of us who struggle with weight x

    • Andrea Ruhland

      Adele - this is a great quote, but the thing that gets me is that people knock her for being big, but she isn't even fat she's just curvy like real women she is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Manda

      There's a reason I love her music so much. She doesn't conform, and that's what made her album so incredible. She did her own thing, not what anyone else was doing. ---- Adele

    • Rachel Zirin

      It is hard to read, but the quote Adele says basically says that she doesnt care if she is skinny or not; all she wants is to make great music. I see her as a role model for teeneage girls, because all teens care about is if they are fat or not; not what is on the inside.

    • Jonesi

      Adele quote - you are beautiful and make great music. But if you "weigh a ton" you're not going to be making it for very long. Not that she's trying to be some role model, but this isn't the type of person I'd want my daughter to say "I want to be just like her"... | her point is being skinny isn't everything, there are more important things

    • Liv Hunter

      personally, i think Adele would be absolutely stunning on the cover of Vogue. i don't listen to her music but i think she is absolutely beautiful. that being said, this quote is inspiring and i'm glad she's chosen her own path.

    • Derek Raguindin

      Not too hip on Adele's music, but I love her ethos (I don't love, however, that the person that made this picture felt the need to label it in huge font at the bottom instead of just crediting Adele at the end of her quote).

    • Cee Mo

      Adele - take the time to read this quote. I love her more for the quote than for her music

    • Pamela Hawkes

      Adele- #loveher #realwoman

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    Adele is perfect




    For my friends Alice.

    So true!!

    Amazing advice.

    "A smile can get you far, but a smile and a gun can get you a hell of a lot farther." ~Miranda Lambert


    Girls have no idea what a guy see's has more truth & will never be forgotten you lying, cheating whore

    Everybody loves Bob Marley

    Haha. 8 ...or not. Just don't assume. All of this 'be worried when a girl is quiet or says she's fine' stuff is simply bad communication and not true to all circumstances.