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  • Jessica Sanchez

    he looks like a teddy bear!!! so adorable!!!

  • Alexi Thompson

    I'm normally not a little dog person but this is adorable

  • Soledad Rogahn

    My dream home needs an adorable #Baby Dogs|

  • Kimberly Tomkies

    Cross breed of a Goldendoodle and a Chihuahua that sort of looks like a Norwich Terrier as well. This has got to be the cutest dog ever!!

  • Colleen Haig

    Adorable fluffy puppy

  • Bella S

    "Hello, can you hear me?" #dog #puppy #pet #animal

  • Hannah Abraham

    This Rascal Puppy and more adorable animal pics. to make our day on:

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He might be just a little part in your life, but in his life you are his everything! Make sure you Love your dog with all your heart! :)

looks similar to a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, but isn't. maybe Australian Shepherd??

  • Cathy D

    Christy Moschopedis Can you help this lady? Thx...

  • Christy Moschopedis

    Cathy D I think this might be an Australian shepherd. Breed clubs are a great place to start. They have rescues. A cheap dog isn't a bargain. GOOD breeders health and temperament test and that's why they aren't cheap! Good luck!

  • Christy Moschopedis

    Cathy, I can't tag Krista in my comment??

  • Janet Shuman

    It's not a pure bread australian shepherd. The nose is all wrong, and the ears are a bit to big. It may be an Aussie mix.

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♥ Yes, this is the reason why we have had 3 Lab doggies. They are really cute puppies and we tend to ignore those big paws. :)

Sandy Nose - Boef's first time on the beach by Bernard Schep, Flickr | Golden Retriever pup.

Vizsla. Very Active great family dog. Want one of these! Sarah Mattson

  • Jeanette Trujillo

    Omg. I have one and she's wonderful! But you should know that they are a very vocal dog. I tell my girl to sit, she sits, but she gives me lots of back

Look at that endlessly cute, wrinkly, super kiss-able little face!

Very cute beagle puppies

Puppy love here to find out more