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Schweizer chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Faverolles (chicken) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I like this one

Free-Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom

Gallina patavina.jpg


f a r m h o u s e

Mr. Rooster




Chickens in sunshine

impressive; my mom's grandmother often found her hanging out in the chicken coop on my great-grandparents farm in Maryland.

Matylda the Polish Chicken backyard chickens

Simple old oregano keeps chickens disease free.....article

Automatic chicken waterer that keeps water clean and free of mud & dirt...helps keep chickens healthy and layin' those yummy eggs.


A poop-free chicken waterer for just a few bucks using a bucket and a .50 cent water dripping nipple.

Plymouth Barred Rock Hen

White-crested Black Polish chicken

Sicilian buttercup, she's very pretty!

Brabant, gold spangled chicken: taking the term "Devil Bird" to a whole new level, LOL!