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Schweizer chicken - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Faverolles (chicken) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I like this one

Free-Range Chicken Gardens by Jessi Bloom

Gallina patavina.jpg


f a r m h o u s e

Mr. Rooster




impressive; my mom's grandmother often found her hanging out in the chicken coop on my great-grandparents farm in Maryland.

Chickens in sunshine


Matylda the Polish Chicken backyard chickens

Simple old oregano keeps chickens disease free.....article

Automatic chicken waterer that keeps water clean and free of mud & dirt...helps keep chickens healthy and layin' those yummy eggs.


A poop-free chicken waterer for just a few bucks using a bucket and a .50 cent water dripping nipple.

Plymouth Barred Rock Hen

Brabant, gold spangled chicken: taking the term "Devil Bird" to a whole new level, LOL!

Standard Cohcin Rooster