The adjustable measuring cup is a clever little baking tool to save time and space, allowing you to throw out the endless assortment of various measuring cups and use just one adjustable measuring cup for all your cooking needs.

KitchenArt Adjustable Measuring Cup

Adjustable measuring cup // simply slide to portion out dry, chopped ingredients or liquids - brilliant!

Nonstick Three-Tier Cooling Rack $15 on Zulily.  Would be helpful for serving food at parties too

Take a look at this Nifty Home Products Nonstick Three-Tier Cooling Rack on zulily today!

Baking Rack Insert

Make better use of your space in your oven with the Nifty Products Baking Rack Insert. Expand your baking sheets up to 4 by adding the Nifty Baking Rack Insert.

Kitchen Tool must haves!!!  This one is perfect for parties and holiday baking!

Amazon: Multi Layered Oven Rack (Very helpful baking kitchen tool)

Sink Rack Roll /Stainless Steel Shelf Sink Rack /Portable Folding /Green,Orange in Home & Garden | eBay

Sink Rack Roll /Stainless Steel Shelf Sink Rack /Portable Folding /Green,Orange

Sink Rack Roll /Stainless Steel Shelf Sink Rack /Portable Folding /Green,Orange Bet it could work great as a cookie cooling rack.keep the crumbs right over the sink!

3-Tier Mesh Nonstick Cooling Rack, Stacked Cookie Rack. Except I am not putting the pie on the bottom to catch the cookie crumbs!

Cookie makers need this 3 tier cooling rack. Great for small kitchens or when you've got a lot going at once!

G마켓 - 키친아트 양념통 양념 정리함 향신료통 화이트

Twelve-canister spice carousel that dispenses premeasured amounts. Product: Spice carouselConstruction Material: PlasticColor: WhiteFeatures: Dispenses premeasured amounts of Ounce capacity each Dimensions: H x Diameter (overall)

baking sheet rack

I have one of these.mi have SO little counter space in the kitchen. wonderful baking/cooling rack - a real space saver! Good for prepping pan after pan of cookies & good for cooling the racks that come out of the oven!