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Rib tattoo of a tree with a bird I love the placement and size of this but with maybe more birds and without the letters.

Dreamcatcher Tattoo, Small, Summer Tattoo, Beach Tattoo, Bohemian Tattoo, Boho Tattoo, Side Boob Tattoo

Deja Small Dreamcatcher Temporary Tattoo

Omg, how about this tattoo?

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Landkarten BLOG: Weltkarte immer zur Hand dank Tattoo

map of world globe wrist tattoo, the whole world in the palm of my hand map of world painted in palms of hands The world is in the palm of your hands thankful for world at your fingertips Thankful to have the world at my fingertips

Even though I'm pretty much decided on my own tattoo that I'm going to get a year from now, this one is pretty freaking awesome. Repined from Kris McElman.

Done by Nathan at Bondi Ink, Australia. Started dreaming of this tattoo when I was Seven years later, it’s finally a reality. I couldn’t be happier with it.

Tattoo-Foto: cherry blossom butterfly

cherrybutterfly: cherry blossom butterfly

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This is my thigh tattoo on my right thigh of a peacock. I got it done at Tattooland in Anaheim, CA by Roy. He is absolutely amazing and this only took two 45 minute sessions to complete. It starts up by my hip and goes down to my mid-thigh.