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    The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie Chocolate Fudge Pie. What if I told you that this pie is… ■Dangerously rich and delicious ■Much healthier than it tastes (and lower in calories, too!) ■Did I mention it only has 6 ingredients? Warning: If you bring this chocolate pie to parties, people will devour every last chocolatey bite. And then they’ll realize they’re about to choke from gobbling it up so fast they forgot to stop and breathe. Sounds intense… but don’t worry. If you make this, you will never bring it to a party. You won't want to share! The ultimate “does not taste healthy” dessert. Chocolate Fudge Pie (Ridiculously easy, and insanely delicious) ■1 package silken or firm tofu (such as 12.3 oz Mori-Nu or Mori-Nu lite) ■1 tsp cocoa powder ■1 tsp pure vanilla extract ■2 T nondairy milk ■scant 1/8 tsp salt ■8 to 10 oz chocolate chips (a little over 1 and 1/3c or more) ■2-3 T agave or other sweetener (When I make this just for me, I omit) ■optional: extracts, flavorings, or liqueurs Melt the chocolate (either on the stove or in the microwave), then throw everything into a food processor and blend until super-smooth. Pour into a pie crust if desired. (I hate pie crust and therefore usually keep it crustless.) Fridge until chilled. This gets firmer and firmer, the longer it sits. (It’s firmer if you use firm tofu and more like mousse pie if you use silken.) I promise you, everyone will rave about it, and no one will believe it has tofu!! You truly can make this in just 5 minutes! Nutritional Info: ■143 calories ■6 grams fat ■2.5 grams protein ■0mg cholesterol These stats were calculated using 8 slices. Some of my testers say it’s so rich that it should be ten slices… and I say it’s so good that it should be six . (Add aboutu 7 calories per slice for each T of agave used.)

  • Kelly Adair-Naseery

    chocolate covered Katie's ultimate chocolate fudge pie (tofu)

  • Talitha Vanzo

    The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie aka tofu pie!!!

  • Staci Perfetto-Tyson

    The Ultimate Chocolate Fudge Pie - 3p+ / 1/8th ........................................................................Don’t let the healthy ingredients fool you! This rich chocolate pie is so luxurious and so decadent it turned even my health-food-hating boyfriend into a believer. I swear by the recipe for parties and holidays... It does not disappoint! Full recipe:

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