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I Want a boyfriend Who: will text me good morning / goodnight will make me laugh. will take cute/silly pictures with me hugs me from behind. likes to cuddle. respects me. . Won't lie to me. Won't flirt with other girls.

Good morning! I will be handling all your problems today so have fun and enjoy. I love you ~God

This describes my husband! I am very blessed and honored to be married to a man who is this perfect.....he tells me that I'm perfect! Oh how I love my husband! : )

So true! Ignorant and small minded people will always misconstrue what is said and cause unnecessary drama #Quotes #LifeLessons #Life

I feel this way about so many great people. I think I'm too guarded and pessimistic at times. I guess because these people are still around me, I must not show it. Thank goodness I do that right.

When we first met, I didn't want to get involved with anyone. I didn't have the time or energy, and I wasn't sure that I was ready for it. But you were so good to me, and I got swept up in that. And, little by little, I found myself falling in love with you.

I will never take my husband for granted because he consistently makes my happiness a priority despite the fact that what makes me happy is a moving target. God blessed me with a patient and loving man and I will be forever grateful!

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. - Earl Nightingale | Inspirational Quotes | Motivational Quotes |

Being someone;s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect. #lovequotes