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Bob Harper: The Skinny Rules. I've read this and even if you pick up 1 or 2 rules from this book you will loose weight and feel better about yourself!! Of course it's better to follow all the rules but if your having trouble start slow with 1 or 2 and just keep adding a rule every week!!! It works!!!

Craving this? Eat this.

My own motivational weight loss jars. The red ones are hearts and I'm going to put one in the jar for every 5 pounds lost!

Um yeeeeah.

Um yeeeeah.

Um yeeeeah.

Tip yourself $1 each time you workout and after every 100 workouts, buy something you deserve. Might have to do this as a New Years Resolution

Free Weight Watchers calcualtors, points lists, daily point allowance, and more! Get Weight Watchers for FREE!

from Women's Health

10 Healthy Tips To Change Your Life in 10 Seconds or Less

Put $1 in a jar every time you complete a workout. When you reach a certain goal, say $100, treat yourself to a massage or a new pair of jeans. Great motivation!

from Women's Health

Antioxidants: The 13 Healthiest Foods

Antioxidants - 13 healthiest foods. Lose weight without trying.

from POPSUGAR Fitness

The Top 25 Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight

Reasons You Are Not Losing Weight - this is amazing! Definitely some eye openers