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Funny Friendship Ecard: You claim you're a bad bitch; yet you have no house, no car, and no job. You're not a bad bitch. You're doing bad, Bitch! There's a difference lol!

slim waist, fat ass, cute face

So you want a woman with a slim waist fat ass and a cute face that will cook clean and put up with your s*** those demands better come with a big dick and good credit

My husband tried to show our son how to do a head stand...it's not like riding a bike either

I actually DID do a cartwheel not too long ago.not like riding a bike at all.

And this is why our 6 year old does not throw temper tantrums, shows respect ("yes/no sir/ma'am") and has manners ("yes/no thank you" or "yes/no please"). Demonstrate to them NOW so they can and will grow up to be a respectable adult. Tough love, baby. Works like a charm.

Funny Family Ecard: A time out?it's called a spanking. Go on. Act a fool.

I typed 'Bitch' into my GPS and guess what? I'm in your driveway. Vroom vroom mother fucker.

I typed 'Bitch' into my GPS and guess what? Vroom vroom mother f*cker.

How we are kinda feeling about homework these days...

I actually don't need to control my anger. Everyone around me needs to control their annoying habit of pissing me the hell off.


❥ I'm not a morning person and turns out I am not an afternoon person, either lol Can you say night owl?