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20 Easy Ways Readers Can Help Promote a Book jodyhedlund.blogs...

Love rocks. Better than shopping. Kid you not! Great way to display your favorite quotes and inspirations.

#TrueStory Yep. Love my pens!

I loved tatting when I was little. It's practically a lost art! bridal lace necklace tatted white necklace tatted by laceforbrides, $22.00

The close up pictures allow the vibrant colours that exist within the insect world around us to be seen. Can't help it. I love bugs!

Go vintage without disposables. #vintage #picnic #ecopicnic #reuse Others may not see it, but this sort of tells who I am.

I love myths. And cultures. The Egyptian myths from the old deities.

I just keep picking up shells and needing more bowls to put them in.

Bearded Iris by Sheryl Sawchuck. Love iris. They're symbols in my new nove being shopped by Terrie Wolf

Bougainvilla is one of the things that made me fall in love with--and stay in--Southern California.

BOO -buttons - Did I tell you I love pumpkins? (-: And buttons. Thanks to Eliza Ferree.

*THELMA & LOUISE ~ Susan Surrandon One of my fave movies.

Ye Olde Books. I have an old prayer book carved of ivory I picked up in a bookstore in Prague.

Sky Juice Abstract Art Print Original Painting

silk paint, collage, quilting, embroidery and beading.

Don't know why I love skeletons. This one has personality! (-: Forget "The Thinker." How about "Sore Feet" instead.

Sesame Street (PBS Kids): Arguably the gold standard for kids' educational television. kidstvmovies.abou... #Kids #Educational_TV #Sesame_Street

I've always loved turquoise and American Indian jewelry--Large Navajo Cuff

I take out of town guest to an In-n-Out first thing when they get off the plane and are hungry!

Vintage tea cups. My mother had a collection. It is staying in the family as a collection for sure! Erika * Lamoureaux

Heirloom Silver

I love pottery--ancient or handmade on a wheel or with the coil method in modern times. And I never throw away a broken pot. They can be recycled as planters in the yard. ANCIENT POTTERY (POSSIBLY COLOMBIAN


homemade glue - non-toxic And the nostalgia. Just love this. Remember when we ate glue and then someone told is it was made from dead horses?