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Seriously.. I feel like my grandmother wrote this and sent it to me.. It is perfect... I miss and love you.. But I know you are watching and when good things happen I know why.. And I've seen your signs. I know you all are here. I love you. Grandma Mary.


i see the light and dark. i see the light in others when they only see the dark in themselves. i see and accept the dark in myself, and strive for healthier, when others run from the process. it's not easy, but God, keep working thru me. i got you, my G!

Now let me tell yu why this is bull. I treat people well because I feel horrible about myself and don't want anyone else to feel that way. It does work like this sometimes, but it's just a big pile of BS. The kindest people are usually the saddest.

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Agreed feels like we've hit every brick wall possible so hopefully we've almost made it to the marriage part we've survived all the obstacles