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  • Tricia Jacobs

    Body Image, our CHILDREN and Our Message! one pinner wrote: I was helping my daughter get ready for bed tonight. She was tired and when we tired, we are sometimes emotional. My daughter is a strong girl. She has a deep connection to herself, her strength and her identity – it is a joy to watch. But sometimes she doesn’t. And this was one of those moments. She said to me ”Mamma, I hate it, but I feel fat…” Ok! Crap, the conversation no mother wants to have. Cause how do you deal with ...

  • Cucculuccia (Jessi Rich)

    Raising children with a healthy body image - there are a couple of these I'm not on board with (I think children should understand the difference between foods that are good for them and those that are not healthy), but there are some good points to bear in mind

  • Anne S

    I'm sick of sending messages about getting "skinny" to people. Little girls are the ones that hear this and they end up with eating disorders. Cut the skinny crap. It's about HEALTH. Society is messed up, we need to change that. Advocate for a healthy body and a healthy body image.

  • Priscilla Cowan

    I never want my daughters to be obsessed with this, I want them to be healthy, strong, godly, indepedent, smart, funny, compassionate, loving, and to KNOW that what that scale says has NO BEARING on who they are. I don't want the ridiculous views of this society to ever make them sad about the women God is forming them to be! that's my prayer for my babies!!!!!

  • Suzann Beschta

    Don't let children think like this. The insecurities of society are harsh and tainted. Teach children their beauty is unique and infinite, keeping their self image clean and pure <3

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