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Oh, If Only Space Travel Would Be As Cool As These Vintage Posters... I'd Be The First To Sign Up!

from Motherboard

SpaceX Just Made a Bunch of Mars Travel Posters

California-based SpaceX has revealed posters of what a future colony on Mars might look like. The illustrations include a person using a jetpack in the giant martian canyon Valles Marineris (shown).

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Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

Artist: Jonathan Burton Regular Edition Size: 24" X 36" Run: 100 Hand numbered, Limited edition Printed by: The Half and Half Limit One Per Customer

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SpaceX Just Dropped These Amazing Retro Mars Travel Posters

Valles Marineris is a canyon system that runs for roughly miles east-to-west near the Martian equator. It's about 3 miles deep at its deepest, and part of the canyon appear as though it was formed by flowing water.