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US Navy (Build for your Navy!) Art Poster Print Masterprint

Poster encouraging skilled laborers to join the Seabees as part of the war effort: “Build for your Navy! Carpenters, machinists, electricians etc.” The history of the United States Navy.

Fantastic site for Japan posters http://pinktentacle.com/2010/02/vintage-japanese-industrial-expo-posters/

thesoviette: “ Vintage Japanese Industrial Expo Posters, (A descent into nationalism, as evidenced by strangely compelling graphic design!

diseño gráfico japones. Anuncio de la marca de ropa Nikke, por Gihachiro Okayama, 1931

Modernist Japanese poster --Nikke sports coat poster ad by Gihachiro Okayama, 1931

WPA Poster for the "New Deal" program in  the 1930s

To-day is another day

A poster for the Illinois WPA Safety Division promoting safety in the workplace, c. Make it safe!

戦前の『朝日年鑑』: 世の中まとめて好奇心

戦前の『朝日年鑑』: 世の中まとめて好奇心