I tell the kids at the beginning of the year that the more time they spend in the classroom, the more they will learn. When they leave to go the bathroom or go get a drink or go get a book or pencil from their backpacks, they miss out on valuable instruction that enables them to grow and learn. I never tell a student "No!" to using the bathroom, getting a drink, or getting something from their backpack, but I do ask them to tally the number of times they leave our room. Students who left the…

Each time student leaves the room they make a tally. At end of the quarter students with 5 or less get to eat lunch in the room. It starts over with each quarter

I absolutely love the idea of putting these in random places (or in my kids' lunch boxes) by pathkelly

FREE printable happy notes by my amazing artist friend Lori. Think I will put these in my kids' lunch boxes :)

how to get books for the classroom for dirt cheap!  you can sometimes get 300 books (of your choice!) for 10$

I see lots of little road trips in our futures! Book sale finder by state ( find classroom library books for cheap)

TooLoud! app - hook up to a smart board or projector as a  visual for students so they can manage their noise levels themselves.

Too Loud Free app- hook up to your Smartboard to help kids monitor their voice level in class! Great tool for helping to manage your class and the noise level!

Life in 4B...: summarizing

Students who only leave their seat during learning time (bathroom, drink, get something from backpack) 5 times or less a term are rewarded with lunch in the classroom.

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This Tattling vs. Reporting Poster would not be a bad thing to have in your classroom, so situations like this happen to your students they'll have an idea of how to handle it before coming to you.

The Teacher Bill of Rights.talk about another Bill of Rights that is being infringed upon :-/

15 Quotes That Show That Mr. Rogers Was A Perfect Human Being

15 Quotes That Show That Mr. Rogers Was A Perfect Human Being

I just love this man! - "Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood. Rogers Why can't people remember this?

#newspaper #lesson plans for the #classroom

25 ideas for teaching current events - I like the "create historical newspaper" one utilizing 5 Ws especially when I run out of warm ups and bell ringers.

How am I comprehending?

I Love My Classroom: Double Digit Multiplication and a Comprehension Freebie Great poster to rate comprehension

Thankful Pumpkin Craft Kit

Thankful Pumpkin Craft Kit from Oriental Trading paper strips, pipe cleaner stems, and metal paper fasteners diam) Love this idea!

The Very Busy Classroom: Teach Like A Champion -- Book Review

What stuck with you today? Have the students write on a sticky note what they learned from todays class as an exit ticket for leaving the classroom for the day.

Calm Down Kit" data-componentType="MODAL_PIN

Calm Down Kit - helps kids get control of their emotions. Would be wonderful to use as part of a sensory diet, too. Place all sorts of calming sensory activities into a box or bin so that your child can choose what they think will be the most hopeful!

Why I Will Never Use a Behavior Chart Again || Many teachers use or have used a behavior chart, some of us are even required to use them. Here is a blog post with an interesting perspective …

I love this- Take a Break Space. I would actually have the students work toward being able to use the Take a Break Space if they stay on task.