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  • Heather Jacobsen

    Funny but true. How many times as women do we deny ourselves of certain things simply because we don't fit the image of how we think we should look doing them? My big one is shopping for clothes....I don't want to have to see my pant size, it's easier to imagine it isn't there when it's reality isn't staring you in the face in the dressing room. Why do things that hold such little value matter to us? We need to find the security in ourselves before we can fix the problem :)

  • Hiker InOregon

    To no longer feel like this is a valid excuse

  • Alycia Young

    I feel this way all of the time haha...but it Made me laugh too:)

  • Jessica

    -_- @Amy Lyons Lyons Jewel heres your quote girly ? that's what besties are for right?! lolz

  • Meg Keba

    True story

  • Chartreuse Rust

    Yes, that's my life. To not feel like this anymore would be a dream

  • Rosie Marie Solis

    LOL, Sorry i thought that was funny. I've had days i don't want to go out because i remembered i was fat. LOL!

  • Breanna Chanson

    Laughing turns to crying... is it because it's so funny you can't contain the tears or because you realize how lame you are?

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