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This kind of stuff is the reason why I can't look at the Weasley twin tag on Tumblr without part of me dying a little. Even if it's fan written, you don't mess with the heart of a Weasley twin fan =/.

Day 5- Fave male character and why: Fred and George Weasley (they really count as one, being twins and all). These two were the heart and soul of the Potter series (both the books and the movies). When things were dark, they brought humor, gags and lightheartedness. When we lost the one, it was felt by everyone.

James & Oliver Phelps (Fred and George, or is it George and Fred?) - Now

love them...they were the perfect choice for those roles! I don't care if they didn't match the physical description their personalities matter much more :)

James and Oliver Phelps. So cute.

James and Oliver Phelps twins of mischief!

James and Oliver Phelps haha love them

I love the Weasley twins (aka James and Oliver Phelps).

Finally a picture of James and Oliver that I haven't seen before- Yay for obsessions! :D one of them for the 12th doctor? please? or both at different episodes?

see, THIS! is why i have a thing for twins, gingers, and british men. and boarding school uniforms. :]

omh i just love them. I'm so glad both of them are alive and whole in real life. in that way, fred and george live alive and well in a manner of sorts.