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823: Total Stations Operated by NPR Members


You Voted and Results Are in: Winning NPR Election Buttons

You voted on your favorite button designs and now they are here; the 2012 NPR Election Buttons! Check in with your local member station to get some for yourself!


Reason #822 to Love

Reason #822 to Love NPR: Member Stations. During the Spring Pledge Drive season, please offer your thanks to one (or more) of the 822 stations for satisfying your need to hear NPR programs!


2013 NPR Wall Calendar: The Cover

NPR 2013 Wall Calendar artwork - Cover: Jessica Hische. Jessica says: "I consume a massive amount of 'guilty pleasure' media. NPR is one of very few sources of brain-nourishing goodness in my media diet. I wanted to capture that typographically. NPR is the enriching good-for-you stuff that not only helps you feel better for all the other sugary nonsense you indulge in, it makes you want to be better in the future."

from UltraLinx

Minimal Resume CV Template

#resume, #graphicdesign, 3info graphic resume...(totally changing my resume now)


Radio Worth Celebrating



2013 NPR Wall Calendar: August

NPR Wall Calendar artwork - August: Scott Campbell. Scott says: "What I love most about NPR is the way its programming can simultaneously touch our individual lives and bring us together as a nation. No matter what part of the country you are in, it's as if we are all listening to the same radio when each of us is tuned in to our local NPR station."

NPR 2013 Wall Calendar artwork - May: Lauren Rolwing. Lauren says: "I once missed lunch due to NPR. In the time I had driven to a cafe, I got completely hooked on a story and did not want to get out of my car. Before I knew it, my lunch was over, and I concluded that NPR was more filling than the most tempting picnic fare."


#NPRNOTY: Number(s) of the Year

34.6 Million weekly listeners for all NPR stations. #NPRNOTY