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34.6 Million weekly listeners for all NPR stations. #NPRNOTY

Celebrating the great man, Martin Luther King, Jr. Illustration by Justin Lucas

NPR wants you to have a fang-tastic Halloween!

NPR South America Correspondent Lourdes Garcia-Navarro dishes on her need for blankets, scales, and quiet mornings with her daughter. Garcia-Navarro is pictured here after receiving her Edward R. Murrow Award in 2012.

She Works: Note To Self - this one submitted by Nina Totenberg! As part of the series The Changing Lives of Women, NPR has a Tumblr where you can create your own Note To Self or view others from NPR fans. They are also printable so you can hang ones that float your boat in your own workspace!

It's coffee week at NPR - see if you can match the "mug shot" with the corresponding host!

NPR's Michele Norris interviews Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg about her book LEAN IN at DC's Sixth and I Historic Synagogue. Read more about the evening on This is NPR!

ProFile: TED Radio Hour Host Guy Raz. He's not as serious as he sounds on air but he was serious about being President as a kid!

National Pet Radio Contest: (l-r) is first runner-up Suge Knight; second runner-up Kashiwa; and third runner-up Jiggs.

Stevie the Wonder Dog is the grand-prize winner of the National Pet Radio Contest: This is Stevie the Wonder Dog taking pledges at his favorite NPR station, KCPW in Salt Lake City. Since Stevie is blind, he depends on NPR more than most for all of his news and information.

Reason #822 to Love NPR: Member Stations. During the Spring Pledge Drive season, please offer your thanks to one (or more) of the 822 stations for satisfying your need to hear NPR programs!

LIVE Wait, Wait... Don't Tell Me cinecast coming to theaters nationwide on May 2, at 8:00 p.m. (ET)/7:00 p.m. (CT), with an encore showing in select theaters May 7, at 7:30 p.m. (local time).

It doesn't take much, but it means a lot. The yearly federal contribution to public radio per American is $0.32.

ProFile on NPR Middle East Correspondent Deborah Amos: "My reporting goal is to find the human spirit."

NPR: National PET Radio. Snap a picture of your pet listening to your favorite public radio station and submit to mailto:ThisIsNPR@... by Feb 6 for the chance to win prizes! See the blog for more details! Example: Punkin, pictured here, belongs to NPR Senior Publicist Emerson Brown. Disclaimer: Punkin always sticks her tongue out; it's no slight to the sweet sounds of Washington, D.C., NPR Member Station WAMU pulsing through his headphones.

Correspondent ProFile: Jason Beaubien Global Health Correspondent Jason Beaubien dishes on what saves his sanity, how he uses social media, and other things that make him tick!

Following the Military Voices launch event, NPR Weekend Edition Saturday host Scott Simon hugs Gordon Bolar, General Manager of NPR Member Station WMUK in Kalamazoo, Michigan. In 2007, Bolar's son Matthew was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Read Scott Simon's remarks on StoryCorps' Military Voices Initiative!

Another reason to love NPR: 27.6 Million: Average monthly downloads of NPR-produced podcasts

Do you live near DC? Do you need a gift for the public radio junkie in your life? Do you want a chance to meet the people you hear on-air every day? Then come to the NPR Shop Warehouse Sale-a-bration on Dec 14th and 15th - see the blog post for more info! #NPR #Sale

NPR 2013 Wall Calendar artwork - October: Bill Carman. Bill says: "Turning on NPR in the morning is as important as turning on the lights. Most radio has become noise; it's about who can scream or play the loudest. I hate noise. So now I choose my own music and eavesdrop on people I admire by listening to NPR."

NPR 2013 Wall Calendar artwork - September: Kyle T. Webster. Kyle says: "In these times of rapid-fire communication and sound bites, I find it refreshing that NPR delivers moving personal stories, humorous essays, poetry, and other wonderful long-form pieces that truly shine. These aural treats have compelled me to stop whatever I am doing, sit down, and just listen. They transport me to the time and place that is being described."

This week, like man of you, we are highlighting just a few of the things we are thankful for. Topping the list, we are grateful for YOU - our listeners - 26 million per week, in fact. You are the reason we do what we do.

It is no shock that NPR Host and Correspondent David Greene came to work at NPR on Valentine's Day 2005 - his love for his work and for NPR listeners is clear! Read more about David in his ProFile on the "this is npr" blog!

Rachel Martin once wanted to be a Broadway Baby...and in the last year, got married, had a baby, and became host of Weekend Edition Sunday! Read more about NPR's Rachel Martin in her ProFile on our "this is npr" blog!

NPR Wall Calendar artwork - August: Scott Campbell. Scott says: "What I love most about NPR is the way its programming can simultaneously touch our individual lives and bring us together as a nation. No matter what part of the country you are in, it's as if we are all listening to the same radio when each of us is tuned in to our local NPR station."