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HAND = handkäse = handkase = harzer kase = harzer käse   Notes:   This German washed rind cheese is pungent and stinky.  It's good with beer, but it would over-power most wines.   Substitutes:  Mainz OR Harz OR Limburger

LIVAROT  Pronunciation:  LEE-vah-roh   Notes:  This excellent French cheese is in the washed-rind or "stinky" family.  Though pungent, it's not as overpowering as Limburger.  The rind is edible, but it's not for faint-hearted.  Substitutes:  Maroilles OR Limburger OR Harz OR Mainz OR Hand OR Brick (milder) OR Liederkranz (milder)

MAROILLES  Pronunciation:  mahr-WAHL  Notes:   This is a stinky washed-rind cheese from France that smells worse than it tastes.  You probably don't want to eat the pungent rind.  Use within a few days after purchasing. For best flavor, serve at room temperature.   Substitutes:  Livarot OR Pont-l'Evêque OR Reblochon OR Harz OR Mainz OR Hand OR Limburger

PONT-LEVêQUE = Pont l'Eveque   Pronunciation:  POHN-luh-VEK   Notes:  This ancient and well-regarded French cheese isn't as stinky as other washed rind cheeses.   It's best not to eat the rind.   Substitutes:  Reblochon OR Camembert (not as stinky) OR Maroilles (stinkier)

SCHLOSS = Schlosskäse = Schlosskase = castle cheese  Notes:  This Austrian cheese is a marvelous choice for people who like strong "stinky" cheeses.  It's good with beer, but it would overpower most wines.   Substitutes: Limburger OR Brie (not as stinky)

VALDEON  Notes:  This Spanish blue cheese is pungent enough to be interesting without being overpowering.  It's a good snacking cheese for adventurous guests.  Substitutes:   Cabrales (more pungent) OR Picone

MAYTAG BLUE   Notes:  This American blue cheese is pungent and crumbly.  Use it within a few days after purchasing. For best flavor, serve at room temperature.  Substitutes: Roquefort

CASERO CHEESE Notes:  This is a mild white Mexican cheese.  Substitutes:  muenster OR jack