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Saturday DO

That’s right, we’re adding something to your Saturday to do lists, but don’t worry – we’ll always make sure it’s worthwhile ;) DO: laugh too hard at one of your own jokes Never hold back an opportunity to laugh –

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Sparkling cider, laughing, dancing and relaxing. What life should be about with someone special ♥

You know they're all laughing at some kid who got a B on his test.

No te tapes... "destapá" tus ganas de reír con todas las ganas :)

Emotion-Though we differ in the way we look and things we believe in, there’s something we all share: emotion.

Desiree Borruel Aryn Lovel & Natalie Keoshian this is us when we send each other hysterical pins. I love you all.

"When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." ~ Buddha ~

10. Tambu is thrilled that she passed her entrance exam and is able to get an education at the mission.

Spice of life - laughter What a lovely Flickr site with all kinds of people, laughing their heads off...

a great laugh...this is how I feel whenever Pinterest lets out "Psst! Looks like you already pinned this".....

......full blown mouth wide open hysterical laughter.....

I don't know if I've mentioned it to you before, but you not only make me smile but you make me laugh too! & laughter keeps you young so it's a GOOD thing! #justsayin