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  • Sharon Honning

    I want you to STOP BEING AFRAID of .... #quote, #american, #religion

  • Love Daisy Taylor

    Women you should really pay attention to politics now...your life and your daughters future choice of having anything that resembles a life where she has a choice is being debated RIGHT NOW. Want to step into the 1900's??? Start listening and debating the news. At the moment, what is being debated in politics...well, there's a fine line between your rights and Afghani or Iraqi woman's rights. At the moment you can vote and drive but you're about to lose all other rights. PAY ATTENTION.

  • Ellen Mitchell

    ‘Probably the most inspiring thing I’ve ever found on Reddit’: ‘I Want You’

  • Barry Garcia

    True words

  • Kate Gajdosik

    Yeahhh I wish americans would stop being "offended" or afraid of "offending" others. This sign is right! Screw political correctness!

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So, who can we hate? Who do we have every right to be mean to? No one. Not a single person. There is no "except" or "unless" on the type of people Jesus commands us to love. It can be really, really, really hard. Loving people you don't agree with, or understand, is probably the hardest thing most people will ever do. But Jesus wasn't asking if we wanted to, he told us that we have to. He told us that love was our priority. ---This is what Christianity should be.

This is the most eloquently expressed critique of religion I know. A sure fire way to shoot down Islam at every turn.

Displaying the Flag: Proper American Flag Etiquette ~ The dos and don'ts of how to properly display the American flag.

"...I was born an American, I live an American, I shall die an American." ~ Daniel Webster

Which Middle Eastern Countries respect our flag and our nation? SUPPORT THE PERSECUTED CHRISTIANS HTTP://WWW.OPENDOORS.ORG

American biology teachers...we got a lot of work to do! Take a look...second from the bottom! *faceplant*.

My Micheal used to always be so appreciative of every act if kindness, no matter how tiny he experienced. I've never known such a gentle soul.

This man! I absolutely love “What Would You Do?" It always restores my faith in humanity

By looking at an American flag one feels a sense of independence. We are a strong nation that stands for rights, chance, and a voice.

The two things I love the most in this picture, country boys and the good ol American flag. Love my country