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Information Fluency in the Classroom: Evaluation and Critical Thinking

Dr. Yong Zhao, keynote at ISTE and Presidential Chair and Associate Dean at University of Oregon, spoke this morning on the importance of globalization, global competence and technology on education at ISTE

Curation, as a Pedagogical Tool To Embolden Critical Thinking in Education

In this paper we explore the concept of curation as a student- and creation-driven pedagogical tool to enhance digital and media literacy ed...

4 Tips for Writing in the Math Classroom ~ Edutopia ~ by Heather Wolpert-Gawron

Writing in the Math lesson develops a deeper understanding of the content as students explain their thinking. This article focuses on how to get students writing and making it meaningful for students' learning.

Katie Salen on the Power of Game-Based Learning...

Year-End Roundup, 2014-15

Year-End Roundup, 2014-15 | Math, Science, Health and Technology * NY Times Learning Network