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  • Debbie Cairns

    cute, but the ears don't seem to go with the face

  • Jennifer Sutherland

    I don't usually like small dogs but he's so precious!

  • Paul G.

    A Highland Park man was arrested on suspicion of felony animal cruelty after police said he kicked a 3-month-old French bulldog puppy and swung it in the air "like a yo-yo. - I'll soon need a straight-jacket too ... but for the safety of those maniacs otherwise I might go for the throat with my bare hands!

  • Cindy Deck

    "Just plain lost without my laptop!" #dogs #pets #FrenchBulldogs #Puppies

  • Brittany DeBerry

    French bulldog puppy! I want one! I love the ears

  • SabrinaL122

    My dream dog a #FrenchBulldog.

  • Kalli Renee

    French Bull dog... My dream dog!!

  • Debbie Burton

    french bull dog. love those ears.

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