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Rockin Resources offers ideas and lessons tailored to Grades 2-6. She specializes in writing and has tons and tons of mini lessons to teach your students the best way to write a sentence, paragraph, and essay! Don't miss out!

In one version, students use Shakespeare’s language to hurl insults, poetry-slam style. In the other version, students try to flatter and impress using unique combinations of Shakespeare’s honeyed words. Two separate engaging and creative lessons.

A fun review of skills over summer break! The 26 activities included in this 67-page resource can be printed, displayed on a computer, or projected. The 8 "I Spy" pages were designed to be used with the 19 work pages. Students interact with the "I Spy" games as they practice letters, numbers, road signs, sight words as well as addition, subtraction and other math facts. The printable work pages were designed to help teachers differentiate instruction to better meet students' needs.

Pin for October! Cut and Paste No Prep Janetta Hayden

#Gingerbread Boy #Dolch #PrePrimer #SightWord #Posters and #Flashcards Here is a set of Gingerbread Boy Dolch Pre-Primer sight word posters and flashcards. They can be used at center time or any other time to help students practice #highfrequencyword recognition in order to build #reading #fluency. #languagearts #TPT #Teacherspayteachers #teachers http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Gingerbread-Boy-Dolch-Pre-Primer-Sight-Word-Posters-and-Flashcards-1564546

Yes, rules and procedures must be established, but imagine what it would be like to sit through several classes if not 5 or 6 where every teacher is TALKING about them. I propose a more engaging way to disseminate rules and procedures to students. This 15-page editable packet includes a Get to Know You HELLO Game and a game template to help disseminate in an engaging format for students what you would like for them to know right away to be successful in your class. Grades 3-8

Questions that will inspire REAL thinking in your students. #metacognition #thinking #reading&strategies #literacy #comprehension #reading

"Good Readers" Comprehension Strategies Mini-Lessons from Mrs. Beattie's Classroom. You’ll find lessons for: • Schema/Making Connections • Asking Questions • Author’s Purpose • Main Idea & Details • Prediction • Inference • Visualization • Using Vocabulary • Synthesizing (Includes answer key for fill-in-the-blanks) • Text Patterns -Cause & Effect -Compare & Contrast -Fact & Opinion -Problem & Solution -Sequence

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Make Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet even more relevant to your students with this real-life case of tragic love. High-quality multimedia resources and deep thinking questions in this FREE 45-minute lesson.

Use this resource to help students reflect on and apply what they have learned. Students use critical thinking skills to reflect on "Lessons for Life." It contains and/or covers the following: reading skills, writing activities, geography, maps, scales, bar graphs, poetry, stories, environmental concerns, Dr. Seuss quotes and books, colorful photographs, 14 activities, 21 slides, 7 task cards with differentiated activities, and critical thinking activities.