pastel palette

Enfilade of space. The Chiyodanomori Dental Clinic by Ogawa & Associates.

janne peters

floor knaapen viewtography

colour scheme

Holger Niehaus

pastel interiors


Farben Jonas von der Hude


House Doctor |

Styling de Marianne Luning et photographie de Tjitske des Lions

LETS STAY: Beautiful Pastel Interiors

Work by editorial stylist Chrissie Cremers

= Pastel and Ceramic

Work space in Industrial interior

Would this be a cool if the bookcase were black instead of white?

Surfaces shoot, April 2013, by Florence Rolfe. Photographs by Sarah Hogan

I love the homely nature of the office by TT Architects. The simple, clean lines of the space combined with a raw, neutral palette of materials creates a really contemporary space with a Scandinavian vibe.