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    Fabulous sculpture

    • Patt Popple

      This, my friends, is a piece of artwork named, "What you see might not be real". In Bejiing, artist Chen Wenling. Yes, it's a bull farting, and it's a statement, allright

    • Borsky 23

      In Chen Wenling’s large installation, a golden bull (the symbol for Wall Street) is ramming its head into a horned Madoff

    • Ode To Art Gallery

      Chen Wenling’s solo exhibition “Emergency Escape”, a golden bull (the symbol for Wall Street) is ramming its head into a horned Madoff.

    • GL

      Bernard Madoff encorné par un Taureau - Le taureau représente Wall Street et l’homme encorné, Bernard Madoff, le financier qui a arnaqué des milliers de personnes. L’oeuvre de l’artiste chinois Chen Wenling.

    • Xavier Plodor

      Chinese Art and the Great Recession September 30, 2009 Not much to say here except enjoy this pic of Chen Wenling’s sculpture. The piece is of a bull (i.e. Wall Street) goring a devilish Bernie Madoff. I really like the imagery – no better way to describe how Wall Street was “propelled” during the boom years. There’s some poetry here.

    • Prudence Prudence

      Il sagit dune sculpture de Chen Wenling, où un taureau dor, représentant Wall Street, enfonce sa tête dans un Madoff pourvu de cornes. La sculpture parle delle-même, et cest assez drôle.

    • Blooloop

      What You See May Not Be Real by Chen Wenling #installationart #art #modernart

    • Lynnie Marchetti

      Wall Street art Madoff sculpture Bernard Madoff encorné par un Taureau

    • Matt Sefton

      Golden Bull Fart Sculpture - Chen Wenling

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