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This little box has prevented so many unnecessary interruptions. Now, when my students find something on the floor, or they don't know where something goes, THEY JUST PUT IT IN THE FOUND BOX!!!

A place to put the books I plan to read to the kids. I like that this has the potential for my students to look through and possibly request which they would like you to read.

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Calming Caddy- when a child needs to step away from a frustrating situation. Perfect for my classroom and my toddler.

Interactive Alphabet Notebook

This interactive alphabet notebook is perfect for teaching the alphabet to children. Children will make a craft for each letter, write their letters, and cut and paste different pictures that match the letter.

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Cereal boxes. Love the idea just change the labels. Children can put things in there one for mama and one for papa. Put notes, stuff from school etc... They will be encouraged to remember to give all those little important notes!