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By mixing your two favorite hobbies, gardening with crafting, you have this wonderfully creative project for a painted pot herb garden. Tackle this easy project this summer then use these colorful pieces as functional outdoor decorations. Mehr

'the bees in your backyard,' with olivia carril

Cut healthy stem put into potato and bury 3 to 4 inches in rich soil. The potato helps keep the stem moist snd helps it to start growing roots. This will help save some money on your garden spending. :)

How to collect, transplant, and care for moss. If you want to add moss to your pots or planters, this article explains how to establish it and get it growing.

Cutting your Herbs~Tutorial: How to cut herbs - for basil don't pluck leaves off, instead trim stem. Leave two sets of leaves on stem (leaves grow in pairs across from each other). Cut immediately above the second set of leaves from the ground. Plant will then grow new branches from this cut.