Pie in a Jar. Grayson requested this

Crumb topped (Dutch) apple pie in a jar recipe by Glorious Treats. When served top with vanilla icecream if desired.

little pie jars

pie in a jar!

Mini Cherry pies made in muffin tins - can't wait to try these with Meme's pie dough recipe!

Mini Raspberry Peach Pies are easy and delicious for kids to make. See our step by step on how a 5 year old made these!

Patriotic Pies

Patriotic Trifle in A Jar -- perfect any day, this red, white and blue patriotic trifle recipe takes the cake for simplicity and taste, made even cuter by serving in jars!

Patriotic Cake in Mason Jar

Blackberry Cobbler in Tiny Mason Jars


Pie in a jar

pies in jars

Pie in a Jar recipe

Cake in a jar

EASY, make-ahead summer dessert stonegableblog.com

mini pies

Lemon Meringue Pies, In a Jar!

Pie. In a jar. Pie in a jar. Really.

Strawberries & Cream Hand Pies

Sweet Cherry Pie