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    • Tony Hall

      old lady

    • Allison Covington

      wisdom :: Look how incredibly clear her eyes are! Inspiration! :: B E A U T Y

    • Tara Maginnis

      Beautiful old age (real) for inspiration

    • Diana Hammock

      Native American Indian Woman

    • Jayne Smith

      Lovely Old Woman. Tears of joy...

    • Laure Martial Malanda

      What real beauty shines through her eyes and what strength shows in her hard working hands!

    • nydia teter

      the eye of the beholder. People The Ilonggos, Iloilo, Philippines. Her name is Rosalinda. Photographer Manuel Librodo. // amazing photo capturing the moment brilliantly. thx for posting

    • a gryphon

      <3 <3 Beautiful Native American woman covers her blind eye. From cosmicamerican.tumblr.com via Tisha Miller

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    Bai woman - Yunnan, China I was always interested in life of people who live with traditions, so that's why I pinned.

    *People are not ‘tourist sites’ – they’re people and they deserve to be treated as such. Show interest in them, their lives...be relational and respecful....wise words from the photographer of this lovely lady.

    people from the world3 Stolen smiles and looks from people around the world

    Portrait of a young girl from Gao, Mali #people #soloprivilegios INVITA. . . CLICK "ME GUSTA" EN ESTA PÁGINA SEGUIR → bit.ly/1w0ZG0Z PIN → bit.ly/1tgovtQ LIKE → on.fb.me/1jt5I9T SCOOP → bit.ly/1m29qlK ALOJAMIENTO → bit.ly/1rSq9jC

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    "Harvester of Sorrow", portrait by Slim Letaief. Such sadness and pain.