And we salute you.

m/ I see my sad/depressed friends listen to country music, my sappy friends listen to Dalila....I hate rap. Metal makes me happy <3 It's real life!

Metal, I hate when people say this! Listen to it enough and you can begin to understand it.

Yearbook photos of Rock and Heavy Metal icons (via ClassicPics on Twitter)


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Oh my god i just died. Beware the googly eyed satan oh god XD

KISS Alive Album Cover Heavy Gauge Metal Sign - Bring your walls to life with this KISS heavy gauge metal sign featuring the album artwork from their first live album, Alive! 12.5 in x 12.5 in.

Explaining music you like | Metal Problems

Black and Grey Heavy Metal Athletic Knee Socks Hard Rock Gift Clothing


XD but honestly it's not accepted by has meaningful lyrics compared to pop

Rob Halford - Judas Priest

Heavy METAL by on @deviantART

Heavy Metals

#Slayer" God Hates Us All" Fabric Posters - Madcap Music and # $14.95

How I react to popular kids commenting on my "evil" music.

Heavy Metal