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    And we salute you.

    And need to be treated like humans! Not like aliens I'm sick of people always being like you wear a lot of black, studs, and band tees huh, yes I do but hardly ever studs and not always band tees and black, we need love too. My rant is done

    I wrote this on my math notebook and one of my friends was like you should probably see a doctor about your heavy metal problem........I hit him the head with my notebook

    Heavy Metal

    In This this band! Maria Brink

    Heavy Metal

    Metal, I hate when people say this! Listen to it enough and you can begin to understand it.

    Whenever people ask how I can listen to "that noise."


    So me.

    Heavy Metal -

    LOVE metal ^-^ ♥ ♥ ♥!!!!!!!!!

    Heavy Metal

    "When a god tells you to do something, you do it." He spits out, angry. "So if Hades tells me to kill myself I do it?" I say, "you knew I wouldn't be able to stand it there. I'm not safe anywhere so just /leave/." I say. I made a point. He leaves.

    This will probably me my new motto. "I don't dance I HEADBANG."

    Metal on!!!

    Heavy Metal Music

    How I react to popular kids commenting on my "evil" music.

    SO FREAKING TRUE I LIKE METAL MUSIC I'M NOT SATANIC I AM A CHRISTIAN I GO TO CHURCH of course I don't judge people who are it's there own choice.

    Heavy Metals