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Roasted pigs at a store in Manila, Philippines on Dec. 23, 2010. Pork and ham are also a very popular New Year's food in Austria, Germany, and Sweden, among others. The pig is known for rooting forward for food with their snouts, and their feet planted. This is seen as a symbol of moving forward in the new year.

A woman holds an offering of fruits as shamans perform a ritual for good luck for the coming new year in Lima, Peru, on Dec. 29, 2010. In Peru, yellow is considered good luck, and people will often wear yellow underwear on New Year's Eve for luck in the new year. Shamans from around the country attend fairs to perform rituals that include showering subjects with yellow flowers or passing a guinea pig over subjects' bodies.

Mayon Volcano, Philippines.... probably not because of the extreme danger of being around an erupting Volcano. Mayon erupted several years ago. People know what it was like to be in ih the path of an erupting volcano. Mayon Volcano is the most perfect cone volcano in the world. It looks beautiful and magnificent. I have friends who live there!

People carry a man on a stretcher as they take part in a traditional sea bath during New Year's celebrations on Jan. 1, 2011 at Malo-Les-Bains beach in Dunkirk, France.

Philippine Style Pork or Chicken BBQ - marinating overnight is the key to the most flavorful meat. It's then skewered and grilled and basted, basted, basted to perfection.