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Coq Au Vin by Kari Fry.

Kitten Cone by Kari Fry.

Bay Harbor Butchers (a Dexter inspired design) by Kari Fry.

Gold Chocobo Taxi Co (a Final Fantasy inspired design) by Kari Fry

HOTH Tauntauns (a Star Wars inspired sports team design) by Kari Fry.

LOLcat Taxonomy by Kari Fry.

Guardian Forces (a Final Fantasy summons inspired design) by Kari Fry.

Darwin's Finches (a design about evolution, celebrating Charles Darwin) by Kari Fry.

Saint Germain des Prés, Passage St André des Arts Cour du Commerce St André des Arts - Paris VI

Regular Shirt (a Regular Show inspired design) by Kari Fry.

Doc Fink (a Back to the Future / Rat Fink mashup) by Kari Fry.


Seydl, Zdeněk


Beautiful Arles, France

Street artist and young subject in Montmartre, photographed by Paul Biggins, September 2008.

Strasbourg, Alsace, France

Versailles Gates, France

Latin Quarter, Paris

The Corrèze River in Domme, Périgord, France

Gare du Nord Train Station, Paris