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    World of Rivers / National Geographic

    Bing Destination Maps: bing brings aaron's piratemaps to slow, chuggy life

    Geological Map of the State of Pennsylvania 1858

    Touristness, Bluemoon Interactive: mapping touristness mod panoramio market penetration

    NYC, Beauty in Vectors: beautiful line work dataviz by eric fischer, via straup

    If San Francisco Crime was Elevation: fuck i wanted to do this

    England in Dots: geonames data for the uk turned into dots /via straup

    the nought collective | beijing area rug, where are we going? collection

    Mississippi’s frontage from Baton Rouge south to New Orleans

    Geological Investigation of the Alluvial Valley of the Lower Mississippi River, 1944, Fisk, Plate 22-10

    Mapping America: Every City, Every Block / race and ethnicity / by matthew bloch and shan carter / arrrrggghhhhh

    via evan "a map from when shading parts of a map to represent increased population density was a new technique."

    Distribution of Wealth, 1870

    What if Manhattan was designed like Paris?

    FedEx does dynamic cartogrammary / cool!

    "Food Deserts" - no car and no supermaker within a mile.

    geoid visualizing gravity field of earth

    ethnicity in bay area / eric fischer

    Isochronic Singapore / dynamic city transportation map

    Map representing the earth’s surface as an icosahedron, in homage to Buckminster Fuller’s famous Dymaxion projection, and showing the locations of 259 critical infrastructures.

    Mississippi River map put together by Nelson Minar

    Nike data, visualizing New York City runs


    ESRI announces Canvas Maps, pared down map styles for overlays / via kelso