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Philip II, King of Spain (1527 - 1598). Husband of Mary I. Royal Consort from 1554 - 1558. His wife was desperately in love with him, but for him the marriage was political. In 1555 Mary suffered a false pregnancy and Philip left England for France due to embarrassment. He visited her in 1557 and she once again claimed to be pregnant and due in 1558, but it was another false pregnancy. After her death he proposed to her half sister, Elizabeth I, but she rejected him. He remarried twice more.

Phillip II of Spain is connected to the Tudors in two important ways: (1) He married Mary Tudor, the older sister of Elizabeth I, who is known to history as Bloody Mary. They had no children. Some sources indicate that after Mary died, Phillip had his eye on marrying Elizabeth, but she wouldn't go for it. No wonder -- he wasn't exactly a loving husband to Mary. Then, (2) years later, Phillip sent the Armada to invade England and kick Elizabeth off the throne because she was a heretic (i.e…

historical-nonfiction: ca 1502 Michel Sittow ([Netherlandish Northern Renaissance, c.1469–1525) ~ Catherine of Aragon, Henry VIII’s ill-fated first wife and mother of Mary I of England

Richard I "The Lionheart", House of Plantagenet, b.6 September 1157 d.06 April 1199, son of Henry II & Eleanor of Aquitaine. King of England 1189-1199.

It's About Time: 1500s Gossip - Anna of Austria 1549-80 marries her uncle Philip II of Spain 1527-98 & has 5 children

After Anthonis Mor van Dashorst. Phillip II (1527-1598), King of Spain, 1558

John Manuel was a Portuguese infante, the eighth son of King John III of Portugal by his wife Catherine of Habsburg (House of Habsburg), daughter of Philip of Burgundy and Joanna of Castile. As the heir to the throne he was styled Prince of Portugal.

Juana of Castile (Juana la Loca), by Juan de Flandes, c. 1500

All royals family tree - family tree showing everybody on the throne of England from William the Conqueror to our present Queen Elizabeth II

Maria of Austria (1528 - 1603). Daughter of Charles V and Isabella of Portugal. She married Maximilian II, Holy Roman Emperor.