• Shawna Keeling

    sign language for "I love you." Cute idea for a couple

  • Melissa Gage

    tiny love tattoo. Change to tiny love rock tattoo by folding thumb into palm.

  • Mikka Rosado

    Tiny love rock tattoo or sign language for i love you

  • Chelsea Church

    sign language for "I love you" - cute tattoo idea!

  • Toni-Ann Myers

    Tiny love rock tattoo. I think I may have finally found a tattoo I could live with on my body!!!

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I want to get my dog's actual paw prints tattooed on me. Sam's, Duke's and every dog we have in the future! :)

pretty | Tattoo Ideas Central love the placement dainty beautifully shaded!

JIM MINER TATTOO: paisley design part II I love the placement and sizing!

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Gorgeous realistic black ink roses with a string of pearls laced throughout tattoo.....beautiful! By @Burakkumanba

memorie of 3 second - never regret - go with the flow - br fucking happy - love is like a dead sea - swimming threw the waves of life - never finding shore - till you rest in peace.

Alice Carrier - hip placement!

Patterned flower

fuckyeahtattoos: Mandala tattoo done by Franco Maldonado at Gristle Tattoo Brooklyn, New York

sunflower tattoo | placement... ahhhh dont know about a thigh tattoo.

Would definitely depend on my job and/or who I end up being with for the rest of my life ❤️ regardless this is perfect

Alice Kendall the perfect flower tattoo. I love this!

Even though I'm not a fan of couples tattoos I had to pin this because I thought it was too cool. This could work alone too.

Love the flow and black and grey on this piece.

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Tattoo by Matteo Pasqualin - almost exactly what i want. mine would have daffodils, lily of the valley, sweet peas, a stargazer, and no rose. i-would-never-get-one-but-i-can-t-help-but-admire-

Roses tattoo, im kinda of in love with this tattoo! i'd do two red on one forearm and two yellow on the other, would even look good with my wrist tattoos i have now. :) ♥