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I have always given each other this sign when we want to say I love you -

Story: This is my first tattoo, I got it because both of my parents are deaf and they’re my heroes. It means “I really love you” in American Sign Language. #tattoo #signlanguage

ILY in American Sign Language. I = I L = Love Y = You it's a vary in a drawing of the hand shape you make that makes up ILY and long before texting and tweeting you would say ILY via a translator on the phone or type in ILY over the TTY. (old school texting).

i love you in sign language

"I really love you" in sign language. My mom always signs I love you to me and my sisters whenever we leave. ♥

Mini Tatuajes - Tattoos (DRAFT) en dos manos de dos personas distintas seria mejor

Aiden: I drew 'visual' in sign language for a sketchbook/blog header in uni, it took hours! I dread to think how long this took to be tattooed!

best marriage advice ever heard- "never leave home without your rings on" Tattooing a ring on would be cool but I like this under the finger!

Breast cancer,aTINY reminder of a BIG fight ... next girls weekend this just might be perfect for Mom ,Toni & I ... in celebration of Toni being cancer free love you Sis ♥

tribal-heart-tattoos-for-girls, via Flickr.

Tiniest Tattoos | I'm smitten by the kitten!!! And yes I came up with this caption on my own.

i love you sign tattoo | Sign Language I Love You... this is so cute... could put it anywhere on the body.!