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Your operating system is running slow it is not in the same speed that it used to run before when you first used it. Now it is every slow and crappy it takes very long time to start or shut down.

Startup apps are the applications that get executed automatically when user boots their computer or laptop, so windows system take more time to boot if more apps are added to startup folder. In this article you will get the basic ways to manage startup apps in Windows 10. Given guide is also valid for the Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.

Is your computer display registry error and system performance gets down? If the answer is yes then you have to be aware and find the solution of these problems because after sometime it may also corrupt your entire system. These types of problems are happens due to registry files, when any error occurs in the registry database then it affect the performance of the computer and other related applications.

Fatal Error occurs when users attempt to shutdown the computer, start Windows, or start a program in Windows then you may encounter error messages

Error 80240020is being encountered by those users who tried upgrading their Windows operating system with the help of force install method, during Windows10 upgrade installation

After you install the latest Windows Updates and reboot your computer, you may get error. To do this you must allow the system to fail the boot process.