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I am laughing so hard at this.

It just so happens, I'm one of those friends thts will embarrass you lol

Sounds like your friend did you a favor on that one. I think you should raise your standards a little bit and oh, I don't know, be interested in a girl whose IQ is HIGHER than a chicken's.

Badass expression...also love the kid praying in front xD

women farmers blog! -Im not a big fan of tumbler, but this blog is fairly neat

Omg I laughed way to much for this more funny pics on facebook:

This must be an east Texas woman. Don't mess with us or someone will get hurt. Bahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! No matter how old we get!! Lol

Priceless. I love laughing and this cracks me up. Everyone has a friend like this, do we not? hehe.

*falls off the bed laughing* HAHAHAHAHA OMG!!!! How come my friends never text me anything this cool and funny? All I keep getting is pics of half naked men and fruit shaped like a penis.

I LOVE sh*t my Dad says. If you haven't read it, let me say the book does NOT compare to the audio. I promise you will never laugh so hard.

can't tell you how many times (when I've got a teensy one at home) that I feel like doing this!!! LOVE IT!!! awesome.