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Someday, I will own a coffee shop in downtown Chattanooga or similar, and I will hang this on the wall so everyone who rushes through in the morning on the way to the office may stop and read it and have a smile to start their day.

How to Win at RockPaperScissors Every Time by World RPS Society via flowingdata #Infographic #Games #Rock_Paper_Scissors

Cuz this conversation is more important than the Thanksgiving dinner we're late for.

"You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row." Love this!!

I do it all the time!

As someone who has a phobia of spiders... And all bugs for that fact, I find this incredibly mean. But as someone with a sense of humor, I find this extremely funny that its not happening to me!! Lol

From joy to confusion to regret and back to happiness.... www.countryoutfit...

I deserve this medalEVERY DAY OF MY LIFE ~ Making myself one of these but Im going to add YET. You know, as a warning! :)

Ladies and gentlemen, Sir Patrick Stewart.

I seriously think this all the time. Are there suppose to be aliens in the pageant too or what??