• Maria Proietti

    Awww - #dog #baby #sleeping #buddies

  • Jo Dethlefs

    (Labrador cuddles head of baby) #dog #baby #sweet #cuddle

  • Mandi McPhaul

    This is what I am hoping for.....you never know with our crazy dog....

  • Rachael Bouissey

    I wonder if human babies look cute to animals, like how baby animals are cute to us. Except human babies look like giant, screaming, swaddled thumbs so maybe this dog's just a weirdo.

  • Jennifer Elmberg

    Best friend indeed! Awwwww...this is why I love golden retrievers!!!

  • jane

    The love that dogs show is amazing :)

  • Allison Stickel

    Baby & Big Dog

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