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Great photo series on rescued dogs from Detroit.....Detroit, pit bull, fine art dog photography, home decor fine art photography,gray, white, brown minimalistic, dog photography. $25.00, via Etsy.

Pit bulls... must be defended from bad press that was created by cruel people, using these dogs for financial gain. Please love a Pitty!

Pit Bull pitbull chained Dog Art Vintage Style by Pupsketches, $95.00 Translation from Italian: Break the chains of cruelty. Bring all dogs inside. Our canine friends deserve love and companionship.

In olden days I was a babysitter a companion and protector of my family. I never wanted to fight but greed overcame man and they made me into the dog that everyone runs from today. That's not who I am. If you raise me with love I will love you back and never leave your side.

BEWARE :: Aggressive Snuggler & Attention Addict... Perfect description for Zorah. Lab and Bulmastif mix makes the best dogs by far. Gentle yet big enough to scare others! You get to know her, you will quickly realize she thinks she is human, little to size, and a totally a lap dog if given too much attention. lol

A Pit Bull breaking every bad stereotype... - The Meta Picture