Miss you!


Missing someone quote. In two days it'll be six months since you passed. I will love you as long as I live rip grandpa



Some days I'm fine and some days I feel like what is described above because something will trigger the tears. A song, a picture, or remembering dad's final days.

A Strong Woman...

missing someone


Stay strong.


Never take for granted when someone you love is close. There's many for whom that would be a dream come true

Yep. Except with the capital letters in the right places. (I can't help it!)

Loss of a Loved One


Grief. This is SO true. My dad has been gone for almost 13 years and I am finally at a point I can understand this. I will never say I am grateful for his death, but it definitely gave me something that very few others have.

9.5" x 12" wooden sign A touching tribute to a loved one lost too soon. Stained wood lettering with a whitewashed background. distressed/weathered finish Custom

It is the most important thing.