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Pre-Number Category Sorting Matching Game ($0.00) You can help your young learner gain important pre-number math skills with this easy and clear matching game. Matching shapes and colors, and learning the concepts of few-or-many and big-or-little are the basic skills necessary for understanding mathematical relationships. Recommended Ages: 1-3, 4-7 Categories: Early Learning, Matching, Counting

Preschool Matching -- Alphabet Letters, Numbers & Quantities, Colors & Shapes ($1.99) Children will learn core cognitive concepts built around the relationship and association between letters, numbers, objects, shapes and colors.✔ Association between uppercase & lowercase letters ✔ Association between shapes & object silhouettes ✔ Association between numbers & quantities ✔ Matching ✔ Counting ✔ fine motor skills ✔ Audio recognition of letter, number, shape & color names

Toddler Questions Game ($1.99) This app lets your todder play and learn at the same time. This game has been designed by parents with the help of preschool teachers. • Teaches shapes, numbers, letters, food, animals and more to children ages 1 - 5. • Beautiful pictures and simple app design • The game is guided by the encouraging voice of a mother • Special prizes keep children engaged • Incredibly easy for any child to learn, even if 1yr old

Shape-O ABC's for iPhone ($1.99) Shape-O! ABCs encourages “learning by doing” by integrating puzzles, shapes, words, colors and sounds into one engaging activity. It features over 100 inventive shape-puzzles and was developed in consultation with a PhD level education specialist. Shape-O! ★ Over 100 images ★ Alphabet & spelling ★ 8 color palettes ★ Real instrumental sounds

Just ABCD ($0.00) Just ABCD has four learning modes: 1. Learn: Helps your child recognize and learn letters of the alphabet from A to Z 2. Write: Helps your child write upper case and lower case letters from A to Z 3. Match: Helps your child match upper case letters with lower case letters generated randomly 4. Book: The digital equivalent of an alphabet board book

Kids Beads ($1.99) Kids Beads is a beading game for preschool kids, age 3-8. It’s very easy to use – simply drag and drop any of the many colorful beads to make a great looking necklace. Try out the sparkling necklace on one of the eight girls and four boys.✓ Anyone can use it ✓ Combine the beads however you like ✓ Pedagogical and creative ✓ Lovely graphics with lots of colors ✓ 100 colourful beads

Preschool EduPlay Lite ($0) FREE - The game features for now four types of challenges: 1. matching objects; 2. find the object; 3. spot the difference 4. puzzle (bonus mode).

Matching Jobs ($0.00) an educational game by Tots Publishing that helps kids aged 3-6 years learn the names of different jobs and the vehicles or tools each profession uses and where they work. Your little ones will learn by matching each of the occupations with their respective vehicles, places of work as well as the tools they use. Some of the jobs included in this entertaining and educational application are policeman, fire fighter, soldier, bus driver and many more.* In-app purchase…