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What Are the Odds? The fact that we exist at all is pretty unfathomable. Thanks for the existential crisis, io9.

How unfathomable were your odds of coming into being?

" A miracle is an event so unlikely as to be almost impossible. By that definition, I’ve just shown that you are a miracle. Now go forth and feel and act like the miracle that you are.

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter - predicting purchase intent

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter (infographic)

In preparation of Black Friday here are: 7 Fascinating Black Friday Infographics.

Embed This Infographic: Source: Today I Found Out How the Black Friday Tradition Got Started While it wasn’t called “Black Friday” until the 1960s, and then not popularly called such until the last two decades, retailers have been trying to push people to shop the Friday after Thanksgiving since the late 19th /early 20th century.  [&hellip

Black Friday: History, Myths, and Facts

I am not a Black Friday Shopper and found this fascinating. Black Friday: History, Myths, and Facts

eMarketer projects that retail ecommerce holiday sales in the US will rise about 15% again this year, matching last year’s gains. In total, US retail ecommerce sales for the holiday season—defined as November and December—are expected to reach $61.8 billion, up from $53.7 billion last year.

Mobile Devices to Boost US Holiday Ecommerce Sales Growth - eMarketer

The illusion of choice

The illusion of choice

What's more hazardous?

Killer Bees VS Killer Cheese: What’s More Hazardous To Your Health? illustrates the death rate of the outdoors’ most aggressive animals and every day hazards.

Internet Infographics 46 - http://infographicality.com/internet-infographics-46/

Are You Addicted to the Internet? Read some fun Internet Use Statistics on an Infographic. Internet in the Workplace, on Mobile Phones, on Social Networks and

ShopSwop - Clothing Shop by Arian Selimaj, via Behance

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